By: doug_mcrae | December 13, 2013

Sometime... Often, when we promote our top Salesperson to Sales Management, we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

Why?  Two key reasons:  

1. We take one of our best Salespeople off the road... at least for a significant part of their time.  

2. The characteristics and attributes that make a GREAT Salesperson 'SELDOM' create a great Sales Manager.

We see examples of his frequently and we find ourselves feeling disappointed for business owners who felt they were doing a good thing.  While it makes some sense that having direct selling experience should help you to understand the rigors of the sales job and how to coach others, this nice idea seldom converts into results.

By: doug_mcrae | December 10, 2013

Many times position are filled easily, with little effort, for roles that are so highly structured that the PEOPLE criteria have limited importance.

When roles are more critical, carry more risk, are harder to fill, have experienced unwanted turnover, it becomes very important to work on the process that will lead up to Attracting, Screening and Selecting the right person.

It is important for your team to determine:
  1. What the right person looks like (psychologically)
  2. What is required to bring that person to your door
  3. How to recognize the right person when they apply
Doing so reduces the chance of and cost of the bad hire, which can easily be 3 - 5 times the annual income for the role.
It is a spend a little to save a lot decision.  

Typical hi...

By: doug_mcrae | June 05, 2013

Raise your hand if yourleadership is continually encouraging innovation, but when it comes down toimplementation, everyone continues to do things as they’ve always done them.Don’t worry; you’re not the only one with your hand in the air. It’s notuncommon for us to revert back to what we know, what is comfortable. What youdid five or ten years ago worked for you — it got you to where you are today.Perhaps what you did back then was unbelievably innovative, and ultimatelysuccessful, for your company. Do you know what your next steps are for aninnovative and successful future?  Do youhave the tools and talent necessary for your company’s evolution?


Approximately seven yearsago, a TTI-certified consultant, Vicki Lauter, was working wi...

By: doug_mcrae | June 05, 2013

Is Your Company’s CultureReady to Innovate?



Atthis year’s Front End ofInnovationevent, George Buckley, executive chairman and recently retired President andCEO of 3M, said, “A company can only be innovative if you have the culture toaccept change and risk … innovation comes down to people and how you lead andinspire them.”  As companies seekopportunities to innovate, they will rely on their people to move their companyforward. So what can organizations do to ensure their employees are optimizedto be the most productive, most innovative they can be?


ATTI-certified consultant, Mark Debinski was recently working witha client where innovation was a key initiative in the company’s str...

By: doug_mcrae | June 05, 2013

Amazing but true.  Try it.  Get a length of chain, any length and any gauge.  Lay it out on a table, floor or ground. Now, pick up one end and try to push the chain across a surface.  

YEP!  Can't be done.  A simple lesson about life, work, friends, negotiations, leadership or just about anything you can think of.

Leadership is about bringing people along, willingly, behind your leadership.

Think of this every time you are about to push.  Sometimes you may have to, but most of the time... probably not.