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Shoot From The Hip Hiring

10.12.13 05:17 PM Comment(s) By doug_mcrae

Many times position are filled easily, with little effort, for roles that are so highly structured that the PEOPLE criteria have limited importance.

When roles are more critical, carry more risk, are harder to fill, have experienced unwanted turnover, it becomes very important to work on the process that will lead up to Attracting, Screening and Selecting the right person.

It is important for your team to determine:
  1. What the right person looks like (psychologically)
  2. What is required to bring that person to your door
  3. How to recognize the right person when they apply
Doing so reduces the chance of and cost of the bad hire, which can easily be 3 - 5 times the annual income for the role.
It is a spend a little to save a lot decision.  

Typical hiring processes are often 14% accurate.  With planning it is possible to go from getting 1 in 6 right, to getting 4 out of 5 right.


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