Tools to Purchase

We give away a mountain of information and tools.

It is also a reality that it costs a lot to create some of these tools and to maintain them.

So, for some of our tools, some we ask for a little compensation.

Qualification Matrix

Our Qualification Matrix is a Coaching Tool for Sales Managers and a Qualification Guide for Sales People.

This is much more about the conversation than it is about the spreadsheet, so:

  • If you are looking for a Spreadsheet to solve your qualification / coaching problem look elsewhere because we don't believe software will do it
  • If you are looking for a process and tool to help you to coach more effectively, this may be for you

Our Qualification Methodology utilizes an Excel or MAC based spreadsheet to teach and coach effective practices.

The Qualification Matrix requires some customization in order to fit your specific needs.

  • You can DIY the customization it or we can help you for a small fee.

This is a down to earth, yet effective tool, for Sales Managers to help their Sales Reps to recognize poor opportunities and to improve the poor opportunities that could be better if we do the right work.

If you're curious, but would like to see a demo, contact me and we can set something up.