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Where are the ethical boundaries and limits?

21.06.12 09:50 PM Comment(s) By doug_mcrae

I'm proud to be a business guy.

I'm proud to be in the business of building businesses.

Almost all of my clients are great people, partially because I weed out those who are not.

I wonder where the ethical limits are for what a business should do in the name of profit.  

Is there a limit?

Should business people, leaders and managers be held to an ethical standard or is it "no holds barred" and "buyer beware" without limit?

Should a business be able to hide behind the fine print of an online user agreement when we all know that no one in the real population understands these and should we allow companies to be frivolously sued if they do not have the immense user agreements that spell out every possible circumstance in an attempt to limit these frivolous law suits.  Where is the human common ground.

Where are the limits for Investment houses who from all reports and almost back to their pre-crash antics. If we are to believe that we should not expect to be able to "trust" those who put themselves in a position of trust in the investment world do that mean it is OK when someone else in a position of trust abuses children? Where are the ethical limits for those in a position of trust.

We know that business people, in a group, will do things to their customers that they would NEVER do to their customers, friends or family on an individual basis. Does this make it right?

How far should we let it go.

I'm a FOR PROFIT kind of guy. I believe in free enterprise. I also believe in ethical limits and social responsibility. Is it impossible for them to live together?

I have spent a great deal of time learning about how people think and why. 

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