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Bring Your Own Towels

03.07.12 06:06 PM Comment(s) By doug_mcrae

Any organization can make a mistake. Things go wrong. People are people. ** IT Happens.

What drives me crazy and drives me away from a business is indifference. We feel indifference from the staff, but indifference comes from the owner and executives of an organization.

The employees usually have little or no control over the processes and mechanics of how a business runs, so focusing on the staff is useless.

I recently stayed in a major chain hotel that didn't have towels. Something had gone wrong. 

It was a pain in the *** to have to use a t-shirt to dry myself, but what boiled my blood was that the staff thought it was a joke. Not even a hint of an apology but lots of "Nothing I can do about it" and "Oh well."

This attitude comes from the owners and executives.

Needless to say, Trip Advisor is speaking loud and clearly for me, especially because it is so complex to let the hotel chain know about my displeasure that I can't be bothered.

Lets be clear... I NEVER fault a problem or mistake. What I find fault with is the ATTITUDE and the staff learns it from the Owners and Executive.