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From Doer to Leader

22.02.22 08:38 PM Comment(s) By doug_mcrae

Leaders are built, not born

Many leaders became leaders because they were great doers.  Some leaders go directly from leadership education to real world leadership with little or no or insignificant doer experience.

There is very clear 'space' between Doer and Leader Educated and Leader!  Even at the highest levels.  The Dunning - Kruger Effect and the bias that comes with it have an immense affect on leadership success.  And that's not the only factor.

Our work is to close the gap, uncover and recognize the biases, blind spots and Dunning Kruger situations (and more) and replace them with leadership and people understanding that drives success.

Conversation and facing real, existing challenges is the ultimate way to succeed.  Most executives have no one to really talk with and even those who do experience 'inbred' thinking that provides little help.


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