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Is Your Company's Culture Ready to Innovate?

05.06.13 05:59 PM Comment(s) By doug_mcrae

Is Your Company’s CultureReady to Innovate?



Atthis year’s Front End ofInnovationevent, George Buckley, executive chairman and recently retired President andCEO of 3M, said, “A company can only be innovative if you have the culture toaccept change and risk … innovation comes down to people and how you lead andinspire them.”  As companies seekopportunities to innovate, they will rely on their people to move their companyforward. So what can organizations do to ensure their employees are optimizedto be the most productive, most innovative they can be?


ATTI-certified consultant, Mark Debinski was recently working witha client where innovation was a key initiative in the company’s strategic plan.Despite this tenet of innovation, the company’s culture prevented it fromchanging and taking the risks necessary for its people to be innovative. Thecompany, a hundred year old national law firm, had recently acquired twoboutique firms located nearly 3,000 miles away. The clash of cultures fromthese polarized entities virtually paralyzed the managing partners’ ability toinnovate and grow the firm, despite the fact that the acquisition was a vitalpart of that strategy. The people working within the firm were stuck in itslegacy culture, continuing to do things the way they've always done them. Thisculture supported only the ideas of department directors, eliminating theopportunity for other employees to contribute to the growth of the firm.


Debinskiand his team applied two distinct techniques to help the firm transform itsprohibitive culture into a more objective one where employees had anopportunity to help innovate the company. First, they took the firm’s employeesthrough trust-building exercises. This was necessary to create an atmospherewhere employees feel a sense of safety and security. With this feeling ofsafety, employees were more likely to take the necessary and valuable risks thatmake for creative and innovative outcomes, which in turn will create highquality business results.


Oncetrust was established, Debinski’s team engaged with different departmentsthroughout the firm using TTI Success Insights’ TriMetrix® HD assessment. Everyemployee was assessed, and the comprehensive TriMetrix HD reports revealed thedistinct value each employee was capable of bringing to the firm. Breaking outof the habit of only trusting the words of director-level employees, theassessments quantified the value of other employees. And, because trust hadbeen built throughout the firm, cross-collaborative teams were developed andbegan innovating. By eliminating personal biases, the firm was finallyoperating at its desired level. The assessment process provided a space forobjective conversation to take place and true talents to be revealed.


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Favor Larson is Senior Business Services Consultant for TTI Success Insights, striving to improve the quality of the workplace through the application of assessments in businesses using an in depth knowledge of behaviors, motivators, personal skills, emotional intelligence and acumen.

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