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10 Attributes gained from a Stages of Growth X-Ray

  1. Walk away with a winning short-term and long-term view of a company’s strengths and weaknesses and turn them into action steps.
  2. Target what the key issues are under the Three Gates of Focus, People, Process or Profit/ Revenue and gain insight on how to address them in order of priority. 
  3. Get the company focused on the right path to improving performance. 
  4. Remove the hidden barriers that are causing performance to slump, people to disengage and profits to dwindle. 
  5. Lock onto a company’s five greatest challenges and take them on one by one until performance begins to improve. 
  6. Uncover the Rules of the Road for a specific stage of growth. Take a hard look at how well a company has completed each Rule for their stage of growth. Based on proven- research not getting these done at the right time is a huge ‘performance drainer’ for all companies. 
  7. Learn the secret behind the company’s builder/protector ratio. Find out why employees are so uncomfortable with change. Figure out how to create an atmosphere of confidence with just the right amount of caution. 
  8. When used in conjunction with a leadership assessment, gain better insight into a leader’s leadership style and leadership competencies – see if a specific style or competency is hindering or helping based on what the company is telling them it needs right now and discover what styles and competencies will be most effective for future growth. 
  9. Determine how the company stacks up against high performance companies and how to move the company forward. 
  10. Determine if a company is ‘running ahead of its headlights’ and what that means to your business performance in 6–12 month.

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