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Assessments - Applying the Sciences of People

Everything we do is about the conversation. Whether it is hiring, coaching, personal development, correction or human interaction, our assessment report serve as a basis for conversation. That is where all advancement begins.

WE can apply many different assessment to different situations and needs. The following is a description of our most commonly used Sciences of People.

We commonly use some combination of these five distinct Sciences of People. The combination applied depends on your needs, the risks and responsibilities that go with the job.  Air traffic controllers roles have a higher risk associated with this role that does a store clerk's role, in most cases.  

We also look at unwanted turnover.  If turnover is high, it may be appropriate to examine the JOB and the applicants more carefully. 
These 5 Sciences of People give us information in 6 specific and measurable areas.  
This is like having 6 different perspectives when making a major decision in life.
    1. Observable Behaviors... how this person is likely to be seen acting and behaving (the easiest to notice)
    2. Motivators / Values / Rewards Culture... The underlying drivers of Behavior and the Rewards that this person seeks from a job
    3. Acumen Index... A person's acumen, keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of performance.
    4. Cognitive Skills / Capacities... The clarity and focus a person can bring to bear on a particular subject, challenge, issue or requirement.
    5. Developmental Indicators... A person's development level of 25 personal skills based on their responses to the questionnaire. The 25 personal skills have been categorized into four levels; based on means and standard deviations. Well Developed, Developed, Moderately Developed and Needs Development.
    6. Emotional Intelligence / EQ... The ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.
The information from these reports can be applied in many ways:
      • Human Interactions of all kinds
      • Talent Acquisition and Retention Processes
      • Hiring and Selection Situations
      • Team or Personal Development
      • Group Dynamics / team creation
      • Communications and Interpersonal Skills
      • Cultural Development
      • Succession Planning
      • Training Initiatives
      • Selling Effectiveness
      • Leadership Development
      • Executive Coaching or Manager Mentoring 
We don't expect our clients to become experts in analyzing and interpreting the Sciences of People.  That is our job.
As a result, we Debrief and Coach every report created in our system with our client and then often with the person being assessed.