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Creating The Plan

Everyone has their own ideas about planning.

Strategic Plans / Marketing Plans / Sales Plans / Financial Plans / Manufacturing Plans are all different, and all the same.

The challenge is execution of the plan.

From the most simple to the most complex, we can accommodate almost any perceived need or bias for approach... or we can recommend a methodology that we can customize to meet your unique needs.

What is unique about our planning process is that we start with the Planning Team.

We introduce the Planning Team to each other in a way that they have probably never experienced.

The outcome is a more cohesive Planning Team with fewer biases, more trust and less defense. Our mission is not to eliminate disagreement... quite the opposite.  We need to encourage disagreement, but in a healthy way.

Prescription Before Diagnosis in Malpractice

We assess the organization from a Stages of Growth perspective.  

From there, we apply whatever planning processes that we agree are most applicable and effective for your organization at this time.