The Advancement Company
The Advancement Company
Helping You Achieve Your Vision of Success
  • Lead people effectively through storms!

We care about people.  People first!  People drive everything!

We live to help leaders turn storms into rainbows with your people!  

We solve leadership challenges that inhibit human and business growth!

Most Leaders stumble at times.  We have seen it all! 

We Coach Executive, Sales and Team leaders. 

If you are ethical, honest and dedicated, we can likely help!

We apply human principles and solid science and strategy! 

If coaching ethically, honestly, with integrity; displaying principled leadership is for you.  

If care for people and a growth is required... we may be for you!

If simplification, clarity and core fundamental practices would be a


We analyze organizations and develop;

Talent Acquisition Strategies and process

Human Development Strategies

Coaching Strategies

Business Strategies

Then we execute

It all Starts With a Conversation... you know that!

Let's plan a conversation!

    A simple description!  A very complex human process!  Coaching is a one on one / human / Confidential process!  This is PERSONAL!
    People / Leadership / Processes / Marketing / Sales / Strategy! 
    We develop people who lead.  We help you to measure ROI from Human Development! 

    Leadership is like a prism!  Every person presents new beauty.  
    Great leadership can come from every perspective and view...  We take you there!

    • We coach people who are serious about personal growth, life balance and performance... business and personal.
      • Executive Leaders
      • Mid Level Leaders
      • Up and coming Leaders
      • Those who want to be Leaders and feel they could be great leaders
      • Struggling Leaders
      • Organizational level coaching... a topic that absolutely requires conversation!

If something about Leadership is not working for you, we can help.

We are not just warm and fuzzy coaches!  We coach for real CHANGE and GROWTH!  We measure and dollarize the changes!

We never hound or pressure anyone, not our style, so if you wonder is we might be right for you, book and introduction.  You will know very quickly if we are a fit for each other.

To make booking easy, I use TimeTrade.  Please click the link below.

You can also email me at

We will get to know each other; a bit, preview of our methodologies and how we produce REAL ROI for you.

You'll know if we fit!

Leadership Coaching and Development?

    • Leadership Coaching for YOU... getting real and getting on with it
    • You know Leaders are developed, not born that way
    • You need to develop Executive Leadership
    • You need Succession ready Leaders
    • You need to develop the Leadership Bench Strength of your team
    • You need a SENSIBLE path to grow your Leadership team
    • You need to improve Performance through Leadership

Building and Being an Effective Business?

    • Identify Critical Issues in Advance
    • Make Better Decisions
    • Focus the company on Driving Profits, Developing People and Improving Processes

Customer Focus and Profitability?

    • Treat Customers like a precious asset
    • Do well by doing right
    • Be valued by being valuable

Finding and Retaining Talent?

    • Talent Acquisition and Retention
    • Succession / Team Bench-strength Development
    • Leadership Development - You and your team

It all Starts With a Conversation...

you know that!

Let's plan a conversation!