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The Assessment Effect

Using our Sciences of People assessment system effectively will have a forward and backwards effect.  Looking forward, we will help you to build a more effective team.  Looking backward, your existing people may rise to the new performance level of your organization and prosper.

We assess for a large variety of characteristics, based on the needs of the Job, the needs of the client and the challenges that exist in achieving high performance from the role.

We could publish 1000 pages of data that would likely be useless to you, or we can have a short conversation about your needs.

We commonly use some combination of these five distinct Sciences of People. The combination applied depends on your needs, the risks and responsibilities that go with the job.  Air traffic controllers roles have a higher risk associated with this role that does a store clerk's role, in most cases.  

We also look at unwanted turnover.  If turnover is high, it may be appropriate to examine the JOB and the applicants more carefully. 
These 5 Sciences of People give us information in 6 specific and measurable areas.  
This is like having 6 different perspectives when making a major decision in life.
    1. Observable Behaviors... how this person is likely to be seen acting and behaving (the easiest to notice)
    2. Motivators / Values / Rewards Culture... The underlying drivers of Behavior and the Rewards that this person seeks from a job
    3. Acumen Index... A person's acumen, keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of performance.
    4. Cognitive Skills / Capacities... The clarity and focus a person can bring to bear on a particular subject, challenge, issue or requirement.
    5. Developmental Indicators... A person's development level of 25 personal skills based on their responses to the questionnaire. The 25 personal skills have been categorized into four levels; based on means and standard deviations. Well Developed, Developed, Moderately Developed and Needs Development.
    6. Emotional Intelligence / EQ... The ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

We look at every specific need of every organization, individually.  We'll be pleased to talk with you about your specific needs.

I invite you to contact us for a short conversation to see if we can add value and bring a solution to your needs.

I look forwward to personally talking with you. Doug McRae or 604-328-1577

Assessments and the Law

There is little or no need to worry about staying within the law when working with our assessment process. 

Most of the laws, worldwide, are focused on limiting some for of discrimination and our process is completely gears to comply in every way.  We also study our own work to be sure we are not accidentally in error.  Ask us about our Adverse Impact study.  We don't make is 'clickable' but we'll be happy to provide a copy if asked. 

Tune in to discover 5 easy ways to minimize risk and maximize success concerning the implementation of pre-hire assessments.

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