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25 Benefits of a Stages of Growth X-Ray

  1. Improve communications among key staff members which will improve team interaction.
  2. Introduce a language of growth in order to engage every single employee in helping the company succeed.
  3. Identify areas where improvement will make significant changes in the company so that everyone can work with common goals and objectives.
  4. Proven research takes much of the guesswork out of managing growth allowing leaders to stay focused on critical issues instead of trying to figure it out as they go. 
  5. Takes the fear and the unknown out of growing a business to provide a more targeted approach to specific growth issues. 
  6. Provides a well-thought out road map to maximize performance. 
  7. Helps improve a leader’s ability to address conflict and reduce tension that leads to unproductive behaviors.
  8. Identifies the company’s top 5 key challenges with a focus on a specific stage of growth to gain traction quickly.
  9. Uncovers key indicators to allow a company to identify areas of impact and benchmark performance. 
  10. Helps shorten sales cycles. 
  11. Identifies or supports core values which can counter the statistic that 71% of employees become disengaged from the company within 6 months after joining. 
  12. Recognizes the impact of too much caution or too much confidence which can impede growth and frustrate leaders. 
  13. Focus issues under People, Profit/Revenue or Process for clarity and to encourage productive dialogue with every single employee. 
  14. Provides critical management training that encourages managers to focus on empowering employees, leading to employee retention. 
  15. Allows people to get to the truth of all issues. 
  16. Uncovers the transition zones that exist between every stage of growth and allows a leader to prepare the company for these critical transitions. 
  17. Become more focused on how to exceed customer success which will mitigate the chances of customer’s migrating away. 
  18. Improve staff satisfaction and productivity. 
  19. Find closure from past issues. 
  20. Discover the next best thing to do that will increase performance. 
  21. Determine where constriction in specific growth areas is occurring and find strategies on how to release that constriction. 
  22. Determine where the circulation in specific growth areas is occurring and continue on a path to build upon that strength. 
  23. Identify real issues based on factual, non-emotional insight through the use of self- diagnostic tools and assessments. 
  24. Creates a graphical overview of a company’s vision for improvement, keeping key initiatives fresh and accessible. 
  25. Provides a step-by-step process to engage entire company in the planning process once key initiatives are created and shared with employees.

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