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Coaching and Mentoring

Our Coaching Style is Human.  It is all about people, YES even in the most technical worlds.  Human are humans!

Until babies are born with chips in their brains, or until your team is made up of robots, Leaders are leading PEOPLE!!!  People first!  Everything falls from there!  Extrinsic > Extrinsic > Systemic.  We will explain.

If you look at most great failures in leadership, the failure comes down to human failure.

Most People Can Lead

We believe that almost all of us can be effective leaders.  Many people who are capable, derail themselves.  Their natural instincts sometime work more against them than for them.  

We uncover natural tendencies through six psychometric views and work to accentuate the valuable leadership tendencies and to alter the not valuable tendencies. 

Leadership is a different trade, so if you are a surgeon or engineer or HR Executive or Politician, you probably have many of the core Capacities to become an effective leader, but most leaders do not know how to use those Capacities to lead, without a little help.

Most leaders seek to speak with someone who will question but not judge and will guide confidentially.  We also create progress.  Effort without progress is a waste.  That is us.

We do not support manipulation, deception or false faces.  These fail.  People see through the deceptions.  We support honesty, integrity, kindness, empathy and a whole range of other ethical leadership components that, when brought together, create a win / win for leaders and for those they lead.  If this is not your desire, please don't waste your time with us.  

Doer to Leader

One of the biggest hills to climb is from doer to leader.  Many leaders gain the leadership position by being great at their job (doer) and once promoted, they feel the frustrations of leadership.  THIS IS NORMAL!  Don't feel bad!  Even if you are CEO, you can get caught up in this.  We will help!

Our Coaching Template

Our coaching grid provides some information about what our relationship might look like.  We always customize for the client.  We provide group coaching under a different format.  This is one on one.  There may be many questions!  Let's talk!