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Name The Challenge and Solve it

What if you could identify critical issues in advance?
What if you had better tools for better decisionmaking?
What if there was a model to show the best steps to takenext?
What if this model could focus the company on drivingprofits, developing people and improving processes?

With the Stages of Grow X-Ray, you can:

  • Look back at your previous Stage of Growth
  • Assess where you are
  • Look forward to where you are going
  • Name and define the challenges that are holding you back
  • Once named and recognized, solve those challenges together

So many issues that create chaos in a business aren't identified correctly, or they get bunched together under one big issue which can lead a business owner to solving one aspect of the issue and ignoring the others.

The reason it's important to recognize and articulate your top challenges starts with knowing that if you can name a problem you can fix that problem. If you identify a problem incorrectly, you are simply adding another layer of confusion to your business and wasting time and resources.

For instance, when you start finding that your profitability is eroding, margins are deteriorating and customers are migrating away do you calmly assess the situation and recognize that you need to have a flexible planning model, a 12-month profit plan and a better understanding of your cost of goods? Ordo you panic, lower your prices, which further erodes your profitability and start assuming you have the wrong people in place?

Each of these 27 Challenges will impact your company as you grow. The approach that the concepts underlying the 7 Stages of Growth uses helps a business owner focus on the right things at the right time. There are specific challenges that need to be priorities in each stage of growth. One of the rules that govern the 7 Stages of Growth is: What you don't get done in any stage of growth doesn't go away.

Taking the time to identify your top challenges and getting alignment behind those top challenges with your management team is a critical step in staying ahead of your company's growth curve.

Our Stages of Growth X-Ray provides CEO's with a roadmap to the to the future.

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