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Stages of Growth X-Ray - Business Assessment

What if you could identify critical issues in advance?
Would you value a map that shows the road already traveled in your business, where you are at the moment, what lays in your future and the challenges you will face?
What if you had better tools for better decision making?
What if there was a model to show your 5 most critical business initiatives?
What if this model could focus the company on drivingprofits, developing people and improving processes?
Would you value being able to focus your entire executive on the five key initiatives that are most critical to your business today?

In the US, it was estimated that 1.5 million new business start each year and over half are gone within 5 years.

Stages of Growth is a system, model and process for understanding, predicting and effectively managing continuous growth. Business owners can Diagnose, Predict and Solve the challenges they face.

Our Stages of Growth process starts with the big picture and works downward to specific problems.

By starting from a top-down global view, leaders create focus, identify the end goals, and the various steps required toaccomplish those goals. In essence, leaders open the door to total system examination and totalorganizational improvement by:

  • Determining a company's current stage of growth
  • Assessing a company's past, present and future
  • Identifying specific challenges impacting growth
  • Clarifying explicit desired results
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Uncertainty and Ambiguity Creates Chaos

As leaders, we are painfully aware of the reality best stated as, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Many leaders look toward the future with uncertainty and remain indecisive about how to grow their company. Why the uncertainty?

Why the hesitancy to make decisions? Most importantly, what is this mindset costing us? It’s easy to come up with answers to the first two questions and to stay with the status quo. The answer to the third question may be more shocking to the system. Just maintaining the status quo will stop your company from growing, and every leader knows what results will be if that happens.

Leadership Accountability

It’s not enough to share a dream, a desire or a hope for the future. It’s time for organizations to start making

intentional decisions about not only how they are going to grow but also how they will thrive. It is time forbusiness leaders to not only be responsible for business, but to be accountable for it. It is hard to take accountability when feeling out of control, and it is hard to be in control when dealing with the multiple levels of ambiguity.

Charting a Path for Direction Clarity

There has to be a plan to navigate the inevitable shift between chaos and equilibrium that a company experiences on a regular basis. How will you as a leader navigate the company’s growth curve, find the requisite balance, and determine what role your employees will play as you move from one stage of growth to another? Every company faces challenges within each stage of growth that must be addressed.

A Prescription For Direction Clarity

TTI Growth Curve X-Ray, is a program that helps diagnose growth, address emerging issues and calibrate companies to make the most of key opportunities. Imagine if you could tell your employees where your company is now, where it has been, and exactly where it’s going. Knowledge is powerful. When employees understand what the company is doing, why it’s doing it, where it came from, and where it’s going, this knowledge dissolves ambiguity. Employees will be engaged in the organization’s future, allowing them to align with the company’s vision and goals.

Get On the Growth Curve

With Growth Curve X-Ray, your leadership team can quickly assess a company’s stage of growth. A passionate discussion focused on critical facts strategically aligns the leadership team, organizational goals, and staff. With clarity, you are able to secure the legacy of past successes, diagnose the current critical needs and challenges while planning for future growth.

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About James Fischer

The 7 Stages of Growth were developed by James Fischer, Origin Institute. The Stages of Growth are based on a six year study of entrepreneurial companies in the Front Range and Silicon Valley and interviews with over 650 CEOs to understand and decipher the patterns, the behavior and the characteristics of growth in entrepreneurial enterprises.

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