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The Advancement Company
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Some fundamental Thoughts

People Drive Success

Whether it is you as a leader or a person on your production line fixing a defect before a product gets to a customer, people drive success.

The right people in the right roles are critical to your success. The wrong people in those same roles may limit your success. Our patented Benchmarking Process, our array of Assessments and our coaching of both will help you to build a better, more productive team.

Working with and communicating with your people in the correct ways and with the correct frequency is vital, yet many great business people either use poor practices or simply get too busy with the day to day to maintain the fundamental base under their businesses.

We can change this self destructive path to a positive journey.

Everyone Has Talent

The talent that a person has may, or may not be a good match for the needs of a job in your organization.

Talent is not universal and is not all encompassing.

Edwards Deming said "If your people are underperforming, chance are you made them that way, or they were miscast for the role."

It is unlikely that anyone can do everything well. It is much more likely that if we find people who's natural talents match the needs of the job, success will be more likely.

Benchmarking of the Job and Assessing the internal or external candidates is a great way to improve your success rate.