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Doug McRae

Doug's purpose in life is to help leaders to become their best, from wherever they are starting.  He applies his front line experiences, years of working side by side with clients and his view of the future to bring out the best in leaders.  Leadership is lonely!  Doug helps leaders to focus and bring leadership at the right level, to the right things at the right time.  Doug doesn't tell leaders what they want to hear, but helps leaders to discover what they need to know about themselves and how their people need them to lead.  It is all about people.  Doug's client make a huge business impact by leading at a human level.

Doug is an independent business consultant who is deeply knowledgeable in the sciences of people, creating dynamic cultures and arming leaders with common-sense business strategies. 

Prior to starting his own consultancy, Doug initially developed a name for himself as the Sales/Business Development Team Leader for one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial tire supplier.

Doug has spirit of independence, born in childhood and engrained early in their careers. 

Doug left home at a very young age, his reason being that he wanted a better life from his somewhat dysfunctional childhood. His entire careers had both been built on a sense of purpose and generosity.

For years, we have watched companies battle with this addiction to complexity. I am tired of watch that happen to good companies!  So, we are doing something about it,

We believe the most undervalued leadership competency is simplicity.  We are bringing the world’s first organizational simplicity movement to the market. Organizational simplicity is a 21st century discipline, which includes re-engineering the company’s core beliefs, zero basing strategy and structure. This blueprint becomes real when the entire organization is devoted to the core beliefs and passionately enrolled.

“When a client sees that the complexity they’ve been operating with is completely unnecessary, it is the absolute best moment for us,” “That’s when the real fun starts!”

We have six crucial values at the center of everything we do:

  • Purpose – Simplicity is more valuable than complexity.
  • Creation – Find the essence.
  • Justice – Defend what’s right.
  • Truth – Don’t hold back.
  • Fairness – See value in everyone.
  • Generosity – If you’ve got it, give it.

Doug McRae                        604-328-1577

It all starts with a conversation