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Who... The People Side

Unless you are a one person show, the people side is often a moving mystery.

Demystifying starts with going back to the JOB. What needs to be done and what are the right talents and characteristics of the right person to perform at a high level? Is that how you hired your first few team members?

Building the Team and Advancing to Organization

Each of these steps has it's own process, but this entire cycle can live within any organization as a natural way of doing business.

Are you headed where you need to go?

Are you experiencing high turnover? At what cost?

Are you experiencing poor business performance?

Are you stressed? Working too hard or too many hours?

Is your management team at war?

Is you culture a moving target?

Is there animosity between your branches / franchisees and Head Office?

Are you growing or shrinking? Is this planned?

If something happened to you, or your senior leadership, would the business collapse?

Are you at war with your union?

Are your customers delighted to keep doing business with you?

These steps can be built into your normal business processes and can easily become "what we do" without outsourcing this activity.

Let us show you how.