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Is Your Company’s CultureReady to Innovate?



At this year’s Front End of Innovation event, George Buckley, executive chairman and recently retired President and CEO of 3M, said, “A company can only be innovative if you have the culture to accept chan...

05.06.13 05:59 PM - Comment(s)

Amazing but true.  Try it.  Get a length of chain, any length and any gauge.  Lay it out on a table, floor or ground. Now, pick up one end and try to push the chain across a surface.  

YEP!  Can't be done.  A simple lesson about life, work, friends, negotiations, leaders...

05.06.13 05:08 PM - Comment(s)

How rational is it that a national retailer would actually build poor service into their business plan, in order to minimize staff costs and maximize profits?

Is this a viable strategy or does it eventually backfire? 

I recently experienced this in three locations of the same national retailer an...

20.10.12 03:30 AM - Comment(s)

Any organization can make a mistake. Things go wrong. People are people. ** IT Happens.

What drives me crazy and drives me away from a business is indifference. We feel indifference from the staff, but indifference comes from the owner and executives of an organization.

The employees usually have litt...

03.07.12 06:06 PM - Comment(s)

I'm proud to be a business guy.

I'm proud to be in the business of building businesses.

Almost all of my clients are great people, partially because I weed out those who are not.

I wonder where the ethical limits are for what a business should do in the name of profit.  

Is there a limit?

Should bus...

21.06.12 09:50 PM - Comment(s)