Business Consultants

We seek people with significant business experience

'Business grey hair' is a real asset. You also have to be open minded and either up to date with current realities of business or willing to get up to date.

  • Leadership / Leadership Development
  • Strategy / Strategic Planning
  • Alignment / Realignment
  • Talent / Talent Acquisition Processes / Talent Retention / Performance Development / Attracting the RIGHT people
  • Change
  • Executive Coaching / Becoming an effective Leader regardless of Style
  • Training
  • Human Resource Processes and Practices Development and Refinement
  • Business Development

We work together towards the benefit of our clients our associates and our organization which means all of us have to be able to bring in new clients and maintain existing clients.

We all eat what we hunt, but hunting as a team is synergistic.

There are no games in our operation. There are no fees in our relationships. There are also no free rides.

We are completely about doing business as like minded consultants while growing our client's businesses.

If you:

  • Are at loose ends...
      • Looking for a full time career
      • Semi-retired but not so semi-retired and looking for 20 or more hours per week
      • A business professional who is now a partially stay at home person
      • A business professional emerging from having been a stay at home person
  • Want to earn well for the expertise you bring, while helping businesses succeed
  • Love interacting with others and building relationships
  • Have a track records for building high performance teams
  • Have tons of business background and experience from having been there
  • Have a record for being able to create real change and real results in organizations
  • Seeking full or not so full time work, on your own terms
  • Have business relationships with business professionals who might like to leverage your experience
  • Want to give back with some of your experience, knowledge and business grey hair while earning an income
  • Want to work 20 or more solid hours per week
  • Still have a thirst to learn and apply new ideas, concepts and methods
Perhaps we should talk?